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Our recipe for success: respect and dedication
We are passionate about payment and innovative, payment-related projects. Our workspace is flexible – in the office, on site with our client’s team, on the train or comfortably at home. We invest both in satisfied employees and first class equipment so that our consultants can work as variably as possible. Joint activities provide a well-deserved balance for busy days well organized with appointments and deadlines, and create a welcoming and relaxing change.

We are a young team – open-minded, adventurous and family-like. Our offices provide a feel-good atmosphere with fresh fruit, water, coffee, ergonomic desks and joint luncheons.

Substantiv, feminin [die]

Verlangen, Wunsch, etwas [Neues] zu erfahren und Verborgenes kennenzulernen. “Jemanden packt die Neugier.”


There is no progress without curiosity. We are open to new ideas and continuously look forward to challenges in complex projects. Enthusiastically, we are testing innovative payment solutions and scrutinizing both ourselves and our working methods for constant improvement.

„Exciting projects with a variety of subjects, combined with awesome colleagues and a unique team spirit offer new challenges for me time and time again. At the same time, I have an environment in which I can unfold my personality. Hence, quite stressful project times are complemented by very cool company events.“

Alexandru Schultheiss
Senior Consultant

„Having started as a Student Trainee, I wanted to gain real-life insights into the day-to-day work of a business consultancy aside from my studies. I could support the team on exciting projects which enormously helped me to develop both personally and professionally. This, as well as the unique atmosphere in the team, encouraged me to start my career at TC after completion of my Master degree in Scotland.“

Laura Ambos
Junior Consultant

The key reasons for starting my career in a specialsed consultancy were both the opportunity to apply methodical skills and gain sound knowledge in the financial services sector. During my employment, I have learnt to appreciate the solidarity and the familiar atmosphere at TC – as well as the option to match my personal life situation with my doctoral thesis and my job.”

David Schoppa
Senior Consultant

„In my job, I wish for varying tasks and am therefore happy that I can currently work in Switzerland and learn a lot about the Swiss payment market. Furthermore, I appreciate the training opportunities at TC for my personal development. At TC, team spirit and trust are at the top of our priorities, so that there is always room for a laugh – even in challenging project times.“

Julia Quittek
Junior Consultant

„After roughly 20 years of working in the corporate environment, where I came to appreciate TC as a service provider, I „changed sides“ and joined TC as Manager with interesting future development prospects. Innovative client projects, low hierarchies with short decision-making channels and most of all a highly committed and qualified team create a very positive work climate. TC is defined by team spirit and the willingness to help instead of internal competition. Achieving the goals and success for our clients is our focus at all times.”

Eike Maybaum



Substantiv, Neutrum [das]

Sichere Erwartung, fester Glauben daran, dass man sich auf jemanden, etwas verlassen kann

"gegenseitiges, unbegrenztes,
unerschütterliches Vertrauen"


Vertrauen ist gut. Vertrauen können wir vergrößern, indem wir Informationen geben oder gewinnen. Wir vertrauen auf eine gesunde Mischung von Gefühl und unseren Erfahrungen in der Zusammenarbeit mit Kollegen, Mitarbeitern, Kunden, Geschäftspartnern - und auch uns selbst.


TC Events

At TC, team spirit is valued very highly. The unique atmosphere in our project team enables everyone to strive for excellence and accomplish outstanding project results for our clients. Therefore, throughout the year, we bring our whole team together and take time off as a company to think beyond the horizon and discover what’s driving our clients – and ourselves. Over the years, our team has come up with a broad range of activities.