TC Pizza to go – The toolbox for agile design thinking workshops

Team TC had a bakeoff and created the TC Pizza to go!

Team TC had a bakeoff! On today’s menu: TC Pizza to go!

A creative approach and a critical eye on existing solutions allows insights into our client‘s needs. With the help of agile methods, teams are enabled to work together interdisciplinary and thus secure relevant results, developed in an iterative process allowing solutions to be integrated in specific contexts.

Our TC Pizza to go was developed as a toolbox for running agile design thinking workshops. The box is small enough to be carried along, even on the plane, and is filled with „ingredients“ such as pens, post-its and prototype kits. Needless to say – it also includes comfort sweets for the participants.

Who should be invited to design thinking workshops? What is the difference between „topics“ and „insights“? What do I need to create the perfect atmosphere for participants? Answers to these and more questions can be found in the „menu“ with tips & tricks for the successful management of agile workshops.

We as TC regularly use design thinking as well as methods from lean start-up and business model design approaches. As part of our internal training and education concept we both test and teach suitable methodical tools with and to our team and regularly train the identification of customer requirements. The purpose of working with agile methods is to enable our team to think and act entrepreneurial. As a team, we are testing agile methods using specific industry use cases in order to develop ideas and make the transfer to client projects easier.

This way, we extend the space for new business models and focus our approach on the iterative development of suitable solutions.

Did we tease your taste buds? Order your pizza here!

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