TC works on the next generation of seamless multichannel payments.
We support decision-makers across Europe in the Financial and Mobility Services, Industry, Retail and Loyalty segments with the strategic development and implementation of innovative products and digital processes.

Our expertise

Payment + Banking

Innovative, seamless digital and cross-channel payment systems

Industry + Trade

Efficient order-to-cash processes in retail, wholesale and manufacturing


Connected solutions for mobility service provider


Added value customer retention in ecosystems


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Are you interested in innovative, payment-related ideas and use cases? Do you wish to work in a young and motivated team? We provide excellent career perspectives on any entry level. Join our team!

Network + Cooperations


Bitkom is Germany’s digital association. In their committees, Bitkom actively contributes to all topics regarding the digitisation of the economy and takes a stand on relevant developments. TC has been a member of Bitkom for many years.


The European Retail Institute is a scientific institute of the retail institute. Its more than 800 members include international retail companies and their associations, manufacturers of consumer and capital goods, and various service providers. EHI cooperates with the most important international institutes and associations in this sector. TC is a long-standing member of EHI and actively participating in the working group payment systems as well as the task force online and mobile payment.


The ECC CLUB is the network for decision makers in e-commerce. Embedded into the IFH Köln (Institute for trade research), the focus of ECC are trends, developments etc. in retail and trade. TC is a member of the ECC CLUB


The „Berlin Group“ is a pan-European payments interoperability standards and harmonisation initiative. For business transactions applying to PSD2, Berlin Group has published API specifications for NextGen PSD2 API and continuously develops them further. TC is a member of the Advisory Group of the Berlin Group for NextGen PSD2 API.


TC Live

Carlos, was ist die beliebteste Zahlungsart am POS? Carlos ist zu Gast im EHI Podcast #payment #girocard #digitalegirocard #retail …

Mehr und mehr Banken launchen eine #Debitkarte von Visa oder Mastercard, in der die Merkmale der #girocard und der #Kreditkarte verschmelzen. Wie fügt sich die Karte in das Portfolio der Banken ein? Und was bedeutet die Annäherung der Karten für Händler?

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Konvergenz Debitkarte Kreditkarte in Deutschland - Thede Consulting

Immer mehr Banken geben die Debitkarten von Visa und Mastercard aus. Könnte die Debitkarte künftig die Kreditkarte und girocard ersetzen?

Digitales Zentralbankgeld beschäftigt aktuell viele Länder. Die @BIS_org wirbt für ein multiples System, auch in der Schweiz gewinnt die Diskussion an Fahrt. @SwissBankingSBA Bereits 47 Projekte wurden angeschoben. #CBDC

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III. CBDCs: an opportunity for the monetary system

Chapter III of the Annual Economic Report 2021. Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) offer in digital form the unique advantages of central bank...

Welche langfristigen Auswirkungen hat die #LexApplePay auf den #Zahlungsverkehr? It depends... Eine Konkretisierung der technischen Ausgestaltung und des rechtlichen Rahmens wäre wünschenswert, um zu klären, ob weitere Zahlungsmittel darunterfallen. /kys

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Lex Apple Pay – Verschärfungen des § 58a ZAG - Thede Consulting

Banken sollen durch die "Lex Apple Pay" die NFC-Schnittstelle zum Bezahlen mit dem Smartphone auf allen Plattformen nutzen können.