Payment Strategy Industry

Payment strategy for the industry

An efficient payment strategy for the Industry 4.0 is crucial. The digitisation of the industry requires a change in mindset for the entire value chain in order to secure your own competitiveness and innovative strength. Thus, efficient payment processing for innovative business models and sales formats plays a central role in this. Industrial clients, just […]

Programmable money – do we need a digital Euro?

Worldwide, several solutions for programmable money are currently being developed as an answer to the growth of digitization. Alongside private organisations such as Libra, approx. 80% of the central banks are currently working on their own concepts. The first pilots are already in progress. Most recently, the ECB announced that they are looking into a […]

TC Pizza to go – The toolbox for agile design thinking workshops

Team TC had a bakeoff! On today’s menu: TC Pizza to go! A creative approach and a critical eye on existing solutions allows insights into our client‘s needs. With the help of agile methods, teams are enabled to work together interdisciplinary and thus secure relevant results, developed in an iterative process allowing solutions to be […]

Open Banking – Revolution or Evolution?

Regulation, new technological standards, increasing connections between industries and changing customer expectations require innovations in Payment and Banking. PSD 2 enables access for third party providers and thus facilitates open ecosystems. As a result, banks and other financial service providers lose their monopole over their customer and account data. This is how Open Banking is […]

Thede Consulting CH – Cooperation with Prospire

Thede Consulting CH and Prospire cooperate in their consulting strategy and become sparring partners in Switzerland in payment and transaction banking. TC CH and Prospire thus extend their respective competencies in corporate and product strategy, business development and innovation. With a focus on the areas payment, retail and corporate banking as well as loyalty, we […]

Instant Payment

Immer und überall verfügbar, sicher und schnell – Instant Payment (IP) hat das Potenzial, sich langfristig als Bezahlstandard zu etablieren. Finanzdienstleister können mit IP das Bezahlen von Morgen gestalten, allerdings bieten die regulatorischen Veränderungen durch PSD 2 auch Drittanbietern die Chance, eigene Lösungen anzubieten. Der Handel ist an einer schnellen Umsetzung interessiert, um Kostenvorteile und […]

Smart Payment at POS

Möchte der Kunde Bargeld wirklich abschaffen?  Lässt sich Bezahlverhalten mit neuen Technologien und Regulierung verändern? Wie bieten Händler ihren Kunden ein optimiertes Einkaufserlebnis?  Wie lernen sie den Kunden besser kennen?  Die TREND-REPORT-Re­daktion beschreibt im „Handbuch Handel mit Zukunft“ die Transformation der Branche im digitalen Zeitalter und stellt dabei die Veränderung der Customer-Experience-Journey in den Mittelpunkt. […]